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This is the link to the Class wiki or here is the url http://technologypd.pbwiki.com/ 


This is a PBWIKI for my MEC Web 2.0 Class - April-May 2008


Members of the class




  Teacher Wiki link                                                                                    What tools did you use?                                                                                         Comment                                                     
1.     Linda Herbison - Business & Math Teacher - Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School                              










 Teachertube, Edublogs, SlideShare, YouTube, RockYou, PBWiki

My freshmen today did a lesson on making yourself Google well.  They looked at what happens when they Google themselves., and they studied some things on www.googleguide.com to understand terms like pagerank, SEO, tag, and spider.

My newest wiki is for a review project for my statistics class.  Each student will create and solve some statistics problems, put them into Powerpoint, then put them on the class wiki.  This should be a good way for them to review for their final, and an impressive project for a potential college or employer to find when they run a Google search.


Mike McEachern

Technology Specialist- Littleton Public Schools





Personnal Blogs



I am in San Francisco and Blogging



I hope you guys don't mind me putting in
my personnal blogs. They help me learn 
the different web 2.0 tools.

 PBWiki, Edublogs, Rock You, Jing, Skype, iTunes, Slideshare, Twitter, voicethread


I am also playing with RSS feeds and XML. I would love to learn more 

 I found this college in Texas that use iphones for just about everything. Check it out. Watch the movie that tells about it.




3. Laura Raposa- Grade 5 Teacher- Littleton Public Schools  http://mrsr214.pbwiki.com  PBWiki, SlideShare, TeacherTube, YouYube, Skype, edublogs, iTunes/podcasts  I have added a Rock You slideshow to my PBWiki page to showcase my students' science projects, and I have also uploaded my class newsletter to our school's ftp site so I don't use up any memory on my PBWiki page (with support from Mike!) and so others cannot change the newsletter.  I have also really enjoyed my iGoogle page and reading the various blogs that Mary recommended. 
4. Diane Tracanna - Grade 5 Teacher - Littleton Public Schools  http://mrstroom209.pbwiki.com/  PBWiki, SlideShare, TeacherTube, YouTube, Skype, edublogs, iTunes/podcasts, learning about Jing  I have been having fun with my Wiki.  My students are enjoying the class website.  We are now posting all newletters on the Wiki; we're going green!  I added a Rock You slide show featuring my students with their battlefield projects.  I have also added a Class Projects page to my Wiki.  On this page I have begun putting their ocean animal documentaries.  With Mike's help, students spent their computer time creating Powerpoints which they then imported into Movie Maker to create "documentaries".  It has been a great learning experience for all of us.
5. John Henshaw - Grade 4 Teacher - Littleton Public Schools




 PBWiki, TeacherTube, YouTube, Insert Image, Attach File,  make new pages and link to them, converting .doc and .xls files to .pdf and linking to them.    Havng fun  with Jing -- they  just published an upgrade.

 Explore other tools--Slideshare, podcasts, Royalty Free Music, Audicity.


Here's a link to pbwiki's blog, The Daily Peant (attention Caped Crusaders--they have a sense of humor):   The Daily Peanut.


Just looked at a couple of Mathcasts on PBwiki.  They're at http://educators.pbwiki.com  Go to sidebar, scroll down to edtech resouces. and navigate to mathcasts.  Fun, neat, dynamic activities for kids. 

What is really neat is that the term "mathcasts" came from Mary Marotta!


This is one deep, deep river of content. 


Put a few activities on our site at work as .pdf files and linked to them from the pbwiki.  Worked like a charm.  Will do much more of this.,





Pam Green - ELL teacher(k-3) - Varnum Elementary, Lowell Public Schools




Mary Marotta

ITS at Nashoba

Class PD wiki http://technologypd.pbwiki.com/ 

Class Blog - Post comments weekly please



SlideShare, TeacherTube, YouTube, Pictures RockYou, Bubbleshare

Skype, read/blogs, itunes/podcasts

I am going to use Edublogs, jing



Class - Thursday - May 8th 

Just a reminder we are scheduled to meet from 4:00-7:00 pm this evening in Room 222.

We will be reviewing each persons experience using blogs, wikis and tools associated with Web 2.0.

Feel free to bring supper so we can have a working class and wrap up early. - Mary





PowerPoint file  WebSafey.ppt 



Using Rockyou



YouTube plugin error


Another Transition with the same pictures - slider


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Comments (4)

Marotta said

at 1:12 pm on Mar 30, 2008

What do you think about the Web 2.0 Tools covered in class this weekend? What do you plan on implementing with your class?

Anonymous said

at 2:36 pm on Mar 30, 2008

Definitely Wikis and Slideshare, probably blogs and RockYou, and I'm looking forward to reading some of the new blogs you recommended. This has been very fun! - Linda

Anonymous said

at 5:55 am on Apr 7, 2008

Hi, Jing enabled me to record the process of setting up a class list in the Renzulli Learning site so that other teachers could watch step by step. It's posted on my wiki and teachers can go there and follow the Jing Video and audio. Very effective and it gave me a rush to be able to do this.

Thanks for introducing me to the tool.

John H.

John P. Henshaw said

at 10:57 am on Apr 24, 2008

I definately plan to use Smartboard more-and especially as I get better at using noteboard. That and Geometers Sketchpad. Significant opportunity to engage kids in problem solving there.
Creating and linking to PDF files is working well.
Huge potential only limited by time, knowedge and effort.

John H.

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